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Over outrageous fuel prices? You've come to the right place!

Paying more than $3 a litre for fuel just ain’t right! And driving round town looking for the best pump price is a waste of time when you can bring a massive discount with you, right in your pocket.

Want to pay less and save big bucks? Let's show you how simple it really is.

34 cents per lite (max 50 litres)

“we're not
making this up!"

Why take the instant 6c saving off at the pump when you can build a massive balance of discounts instead. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to save big on fuel with AA Smartfuel.

  • Aroha
    Aroha saved $0.48 per litre on fuel whilst she shopped for her essentials.
  • Ramish
    Ramish paid less than $1.80 per litre on fuel by playing his card right.
  • Ben & Sally
    Ben & Sally knocked off $0.36 per litre from the pump price just by accumulating!

“1200 retailers
to help you beat that pump price!”

A real Smarty Pants knows how to use AA Smartfuel to avoid paying high pump prices. Just by shopping normally, you can get an abnormally high fuel discount, simply by choosing to use our partners. There’s more than 1200 of them across New Zealand.

Double, triple or anything-uple your discounts here!

“Here's the proof
from Kiwis like you”

Lots and lots of New Zealanders have built a massive balance of discounts already. Turning their cents into dollars. Hundreds of dollars. Why not join them?

"AA Smartfuel is awesome. $75 of free gas after 2 months of saving the small amounts. Could have been totally free if I gassed on 10c special days. Easy money for little effort. #AASmartfuel #bp"

"Yep that's right. An entirely FREE tank of diesel! Woop woop! 😆🚗💰Thanks #aasmartfuel."

Jo M

"I LOVE AA SMARTFUEL. To date I have saved $748.69. How I use my savings is that I save up the discounts then when we head out of town and need a full tank of fuel, our little trip suddenly costs a lot less. #AASmartfuel + #RealSavings"

"Well there something you don't see everyday. Free tank of gas. Awesome. #aasmartfuel #freepetrol"

Mark L

"Can't complain too much about $28.99 for a full tank of fuel. Great Savings ✅ @aasmartfuel"

Charles S

"Happy Days! $108 down to $60. Awesome Savings 🔥 #aasmartfuel"

Cindy L

"Whoop whoop thank you #aasmartfuel. Just filled my car up for $27.17 saving a whopping $41.28 🙂 so happy."

Be a Smarty Pants,
Get the free AA Smartfuel App

Where to shop to Build Your Balance of AA Smartfuel discounts.

Shop normally at any of our 1,200+ retail partners. Just swipe your card or scan your app with each purchase. Your balance of AA Smartfuel discounts will build every time you meet the qualifying spend.